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Our entrance is to the right of the St. Wilfrid's Hospice shop. Just go through the glass doors, and we are on the first floor!

Open tables

Come play whatever you like for as long as we are open. Choose any games from our game library or bring your magic decks and battle it out in the mana Gaming room. Just £2.50 and you can play all day/eve with as many of the games from our awesome game library as you can handle! The £2.50 entry fee is returnable on TCG or Board Game purchases made the same day as your visit.

Role play your way £2.50 entry

Roleplay is coming out of the basement and into Mana with simpler play and more accessiblity to make it fun rather than frustrating! No need for prior experience or even dice as Mark has everything you need to get stuck in - apart from elf ears or a potion pouch! Come give it a try.

MTG Commander & casual play - Every Wednesday evening 7:00pm start. £2.50 entry

EDH - elder dragon highlander (aka - commander) if you're not familiar with it is awesome - 100 card decks, all unique (no more than 1 of any card), 40 life and a commander to lead it all. Played in a few variants such as Mana's own 'traitor' format which speeds up big games and take the politics and unfair focusing out. Also casual play on the sides with Legacy decks so bring your 'mega beast' and lets see just how OP it is!!!

Official Friday Night Magic - 7:00pm start.  £2.50 casual, tournaments vary weekly and are from £5- £15

The friday night Magic the Gathering spectacular, with prizes, competitions, promos and more. The flavour changes each week so check Facebook for details, but fun is always the key. You are always welcome to bring any deck you like and play any format you wish - you are not limited to the main flavour during FNM.

MTG Modern and Legacy alternating Thursday nights from 7pm. £5

Come and try out your modern decks every Thursday evening.

MTG Booster drafts check for details and dates £15 entry (includes 3 boosters each)

Booster drafts are a great may to even the playing field and to try making decks that you would not ordinarily try. A booster draft is also the perfect way to get to know a set without any pressure. No need to bring a deck as a booster draft means we open 3 packs each, take 1 card and pass around in a circle until each pack is exhausted, you then get to create a new deck of 40 cards from the spoils. Everyone on even footing and you get to take the cards you choose home with you!

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