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Gaming Your Way

At Mana Gaming you can be a part of your games in our incredible fantasy-themed gaming lounge.

Situated in the town centre, between Debenham's and TJ Hughes, we are easy to get to and open every day (except Monday) until late.

Meet friendly gamers like you, try out awesome games from our huge collection or bring your own and show it off.

Specialising in MTG, Pokemon, roleplay and board games we have something for every gamer.

New members are always welcome and membership is totally free. So what are you waiting for? Sign up and come down to the greatest place to game ever.

Mana Gaming.

Open 12-22.30 Tuesday-Friday, 12.00-19.00 Saturday, 12-22.30 Sunday, Monday Closed

First Floor,

182-184, Terminus Road,


BN21 3BB

There is an entry system operating after 5.30 each day, please buzz to get in!


Magic The Gathering:

Mystery Boosters Launch this week and we're running a launch party on Saturday. It's the first time we've run extended sealed and should prove to be alot of fun. We've got generous promo prize support for this event too!


Magic league Unsanctioned continues this week and is a great way to play casually. We also have starter decks at the ready so if you'd like to learn to play you just need to turn up and we'll usually be able to teach you on the spot, and if not we'll arrange a time for you to come back and learn.


For the more competitive player we have the  WPNQ on 22nd March, only for the players who qualified in one of the preliminaries.

Pokemon: Pokemon is back! Thursdays 6.30pm!


Chrono Clash: What is Chrono Clash? It is a living card game that utilises a unique resource system where the more cards you play, the more resources you give your opponent the following turn. Sets revolve around popular IP and the first covers the Naruto/Boruto franchise, the second covers Godzilla films from 1950-1980, and the most recent is Evangelion. Ask for a demo instore! 

Boardgame Library: Come along and play some games for £2.50pp or £5 per family.

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Yu-Gi-Oh runs casually on a Sunday, and we have a tournament each Wednesday. 

X-Wing: X-Wing is at 6pm on a Sunday, casual play at the moment

Dungeons and Dragons & Roleplay: D&D is played regularly in store. We have a facebook group where we organise games, so if you're interested in playing in or running a D&D group, pop in store and have a chat with us, or if you prefer join our facebook group which has an unfeasibly long name (roleplay and d&d at mana gaming eastbourne).

Dragonball Z TCG:

Dragonball draft box 05 events are on 5th and 19th april at 6.30pm.

Cardfight Vanguard:

Cardfight Vanguard is played casually alot in store, so if you'd like to play drop in or send us a message.

MTG Singles! Huge collection, prices at!

Come to Mana for a gaming party!

Got a birthday or special day coming up for someone who loves games? Why not have a gaming party at Mana? Come an take over some tables and pillage Mana's extensive game library, hours of gaming - thats the answer!, Staff onhand to provide rules guidance and tuition if desired, food and drink facilities available. Call or email now to find out more.

Please book at least 1 week in advance.


Mana Phone: 01323 381657

Mana Web:

Find out what 'Magic the Gathering' is all about...

It's the worlds top selling trading card game, it's been around for over 20 years, it's very complicated! Mana Gaming can help!


Drop by the gaming centre and we will take you on a step-by-step journey into this incredible game. We will show you how to build, play and grow your decks and you will unleash your planeswalker spark!

No need to own any cards at all - we provide the decks, so all need to do is enjoy, so just turn up and experience the magic phenomenon!

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